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It's amazing what goes into making something effortless.

"No performance is a perfect performance but some performances allow for the feeling of perfection. Achieving this moment of ecstasy easily validates all the pain and struggle of the art form by taking us, and possibly our audience, for a moment to a world beyond our own."

Afternoon of a Faun: Tanaquil le Clercq (official film website) 

Tiler Peck is adorable!

Trailer for the new documentary: Getting to the Nutcracker

Do you remember your first Nutcracker? For young ballet students, the chance to perform in the classic holiday ballet simply feels magical. A documentary filmmaker recently went behind the scenes to capture that glee and giddiness at the Marat Daukayev School of Ballet in Los Angeles. Getting to the Nutcracker follows the journeys of over 400 students from first audition to final performance—all led by Daukayev, a former Kirov star.


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Documentary: Agony and Ecstasy A Year with English National Ballet

Click for:
Episode 2
Episode 3

Documentary: The Best Ballet School in the World

Vaganova Academy of Ballet in Russia

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Documentary about Russian Ballet (2007)



"Documentary about the famous french dancer Sylvie Guillem,writen by Sylvie Guillem and directed by Françoise Ha Van Kern".

L’Espace d’Un Instante: Aurélie Dupont (2010)

Beautiful documentary about Paris Opera Ballet Danseuse étoile Aurélie Dupont. The way of the work in the Paris opera and also glimpse of other étoiles like Marie-Agnés Guillot,Laurent Hilliard,Manuel Legris,Nicolas Le Riche among others.

Jan 27th at 9PM / tagged: ballet. dance. doc. documentary. / 126 notes

So that people applaud (2001, Russia).
Documentary film.

A Beautiful Tragedy


Click for: (Part 2) (Part 3) (Part 4)

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Julie Kent interview

Markarova Returns (1989)

Part 2 here

Jan 15th at 11PM / tagged: doc. documentary. film. ballet. dance. / 291 notes

The Starving Art (2012)

A documentary focusing on the prevalence of disordered eating and eating disorders among dancers

Written, produced, and directed by: Alena Kharlamenko
Editor: Nicholas Benitez

Watch the new 12 episode aol web series on New York City Ballet: "city.ballet." 

Oct 27th at 5PM / tagged: ballet. dance. doc. Bolshoi Ballet. / 395 notes

Documentary: A trip to Bolshoi Ballet Academy

In 2013, the Bolshoi Ballet Academy held auditions in Taiwan for their summer intensive. They accepted four students.

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