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Beautiful Ballet Couples: Seth Orza and Sarah Ricard Orza (Seth is a principal and Sarah is a soloist with Pacific Northwest Ballet)
Married in 2007

Class Act: “How did you two meet?”
Seth: “We met in New York at the School of American Ballet’s when we were both 13.”
Sarah: “We met at the summer course. Then we got together and started dating seriously when we were both at the School of American Ballet for their year round program when we were 17. And we’ve been pretty much together ever since then. We’ve been together now for 12 years and married for 2 ½ years.”

Class Act: “Congratulations, that’s wonderful! So what’s the best thing about being married to a fellow dancer?”
Sarah: “Well, I think that the dance world is just so small and intimate; sometimes it’s hard to explain or even relate to people who aren’t in the world on a daily basis—what’s going on, or what the daily ups and downs are like. So, if I’m having a bad day, Seth already knows why and that’s good.”
Seth: “We try to help each other out along the way through the pressures of ballet, performing, and all that.”
Sarah: “Oh, and travelling. If we tour, it’s great. It’s really nice to have your loved one with you when you’re going to all those places.”

Class Act: “How do you two plan to make this Valentine’s Day special?”
Seth: “Well…” he says with a sly tone, “it’s kind of a surprise.”
Class Act:(Laughing) “Oops! I don’t want to ruin anything!”
Seth: “We try to do something special every Valentines day, but it’s hard after twelve years to do something different every time.”
Sarah: “There was one year when I had the genius idea of getting chocolate covered strawberries from Godiva. So I got a dozen chocolate strawberries only to find that in the fridge at home, Seth had also gotten a dozen Godiva strawberries!” she laughs.
Seth: “We had a lot of chocolate strawberries!” he chuckles.

Class Act:“Great minds think alike! So, do you have any last words of advice for fellow dancers out there?”
Seth: “It’s nice being in a relationship with a co-worker—or a dancer—and it does work out.”
Sarah: “It’s definitely a balance, though. I mean, we’re together at work all the time and then at home all the time. So sometimes there’s days when one of us has to step back and take some space—be it at work or at home. You just find that balance with spending all of your time together.”

Class Act: “Do you ever have a day when you really don’t want to be with the other person but you still have to work with them?”
Seth/Sarah: “Oh no, never!” they laugh in unison.
Seth: “Of course, but I think that happens in any relationship.”
Sarah: “We have partnered together a lot, and that has challenges…”
Seth: “Yeah, working together professionally…I mean, if she’s just around it’s one thing, but if we’re working together, it’s kind of hard sometimes.”

Watch: Seth and Sarah Dance together in Petite Mort

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